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Services Provided

Website Design

Website Design and Website Development

Need a design or redesign? We can take care of that. When your looking to build make sure your looking for a middle ground between design and functionality.

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the more organic methods of generating leads. We provide services to rank your website higher on Google. Making your business known.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

We utilize platforms like Google Ad-words and Facebook Ads to generate more leads for our customers. We can create a campaign for you! 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Our World is more connected than ever with the use of social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

The current economic climate is at a standstill.

We understand business, our goal is to create an online presence for our clients to thrive in any economic climate. 

Our Process

Discover & Project Scoping


Design & Development



Go Live

Maintenance & Ongoing Updates

Our Approach

Keyword Research

We ask our clients what kind of businesses they are in, what kind of work do they do, then we set out to create a list of keywords we should rank for. Then we analyze traffic for those keywords and the difficulty to rank for them. In many cases to expand our keyword portfolio we go for keywords that are long tail local keywords. In example: “Commercial Plumbing Company in Shakopee, Minnesota”.

On-Page SEO

Website design is important, we create designs that are popular to the industry. We provide quality website development to make sure that they are built for speed because most users for local businesses find you on a mobile phone. We create quality content to keep users engaged. Engagement is rewarded by google and customers who spend more time are more likely to spend their own money on your product or service.


Competitor Link Analysis

We look at what type of links your competitor has and try to build out the same ones. In cases where its not possible we create our own through link outreach by writing articles on similar industry sites linking back to your site.

Off-Page SEO

How do customers find you? Google rewards the fact that your business is known in your local city. One of the ways we increase that is by submitting your information into local directories which are popular to your industry.

Our advantages

Integrate Social Media

Social Media isn’t just a communication tool between friends. It’s how businesses can leverage their following to receive feedback, give customers notifications of news, and a tool for getting more sales. We integrate these with our website development for site to create a more engaged audience.

Keyword Research

We use the latest technology and research techniques to acquire the keywords that will help you rank. We include these in your articles and blogs and social media channels.

Create Sitemap

We use tools to create sitemaps to inform search engines like Google that the pages we created are ready to be seen. It creates a structure that Google’s bots can detect your web pages more efficiently.

Optimize Your Images

Bulky images slow down a pages speed, In today’s world many users look up their services and products on their phones. Phone speeds were not made to download large images. As a part of our website design and website development we optimize the image sizes to improve page speed.

Seo Strategy

There are many different ranking factors to rank a website on google. We use our own keyword strategy to rank our clients.

First, we create valuable content targeting keywords. These keywords are specific to your industry. Imagine you search for Pizza, you can also search for pepperoni pizza and so on. We make sure google picks up more keywords from your web pages and then we work on ranking those keywords higher.

Keywords Ranking


Customer Satisfaction

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