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We focus on web design and web development that is efficient and aesthetically pleasing.


Why RankupWeb Digital Marketing services?

Located in Shakopee Mn, our services help business owners in Shakopee by building their brand and online presence. We make each of our clients a custom digital marketing campaign. This may include website design and development, email marketing, social media marketing, and many more services that we offer in Shakopee.

Why a Custom Marketing Campaign?

Digital Marketing is a unique service that is not the same for each business. For example, Businesses like Plumbing and A.C. repair in Shakopee might need something more direct to get more customers. Their customers rely on them urgently. While their goal in marketing would be to increase brand awareness with social media other methods would increase their rate of return.

One of the most mistaken ideas in web design in Shakopee mn and the twin cities area.

Often times business owners come to us and ask for a website design. Naturally we go through the process of asking what they want to include on their website. It’s no surprise that many answers are something simple, flashy, video on the home page, and lots of pictures. People want their business to be recognized as an expert or professional in their field of business through these flashy designs to bring brand recognition. They expect to bring more clients through email marketing when in fact their website can be used far greater by using on-page SEO. You might be wondering what on-page SEO means. SEO stands for search engine optimization which means the things you have to do to rank in Google or other search engines.

The Solution to a flashy web design and development problem.

On-page SEO is the solution to a flashy website design. One of the biggest requirements to rank on Google is to target certain keywords like “Web Design in Shakopee mn”. You have to identify the keywords that your potential customer would search for such as “your services + Shakopee mn”. You need to provide a list of your services on your site. This all requires words and content not just visuals of how great your site or business is. The goal of your website is to have that balance. This will provide you with much more value and your customers will get a better understanding of what your business does. If you are using email marketing you will definitely benefit from an SEO web design.

Is Web Design more important that Web Development?

Simply put, No. Design is only one aspect to make your website Great. Your website has to be fast. Truth is people want to get their information quickly. Google recommends businesses should have a website that loads in 3 seconds or less. How do you achieve that? Good Website development practices will make your site load quickly. It will provide your customers in Shakopee or the twin cities with information on your services and email faster.

Why You May Need a new Website.

1.) Websites have a life cycle of 4-5 years old if yours has reached its limit, its time to get a redesign. Not only for the look but some code may be outdated leading to security issues that you may not be aware of.

2.) Your website is not getting any traffic. A new website that’s optimized for google would benefit you.

3.) Your thinking of rebranding and you need a new website for your new brand name.

4.) Your website is Slow

5.) Your website is too busy and hard to navigate.

What to Look for in a website

A simple recommendation would be SEO optimized website with Keywords researched to your business’s needs. Find what kind of functionality you want to include. Have a combination of good content and great design. Make sure it loads fast enough on your phone without wifi ( around 3 seconds or less). Optimized for conversion, make sure you have your call to actions and contact forms readily available.

Too much to handle?

Being a business owner can be a difficult thing to manage. You end up wearing too many hats and that had lead to a decline in business. If you would like someone local to take care of your website, to bring in more traffic/leads and to bear that responsibility. We can help. 

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